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Landscape boulders come in all sizes. We have thousands to choose from. Natural Landscape Boulders add beauty and serenity to any project or yard. Whether it be a Custom Pool, focal point, a waterfall, rock pathways, a New Home landscaping or access prevention to construction projects or backyard climbing fun, our boulders are available to Homeowners, Home builders, Commercial Building Contractors, and more. Choose for your next landscaping or home improvement project.

We have 4.5 acres of natural granite landscape boulders in all sizes and colors. Request a quote today!

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Landscape Boulders and Rocks are our specialty. We have 4.5 acres of natural landscape boulders in all sizes and colors. We have natural tan, blue, and grey granite landscape boulders and rocks available. Prices start from $25.00 and up, depending on the size. Click here to see our pricing.
We have thousands of granite landscape boulders and rocks to choose from. In most cases, we have the landscape boulder or rock that fits your landscape project needs, whether it is a new home, existing home, an access prevention barrier, a focal point, a boulder fountain, or any other special landscaping need.
Call today 951-587-1650 to view our large supply of all natural Granite landscape boulders and rocks. We serve Southern California Only

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