Boulder and Rock Pathway

A NEW Landscape Project to Follow….

I have recently decided to create a new project to enhance the exterior of my backyard; a pathway built using flat granite rock and boulders to accent the pathway.
I am going to build this landscape project as inexpensive as possible… hopefully for free.
This project needs some planning as all landscaping and backyard projects need.
The project scope consists of an landscape materials list to consist of the following:

  • Decomposed Granite for foundation
  • Flat Granite stones as pavers
  • Small Granite boulders to accent the edges
  • Concrete to secure the edges (optional)
  • Treated 2x4s to hold back steep areas (optional)
  • Steel Stakes to secure the treated 2x4s (optional)
  • And last but not least …quite a bit of sweat and hard work!

To start this project I will need to first gather all the Granite Landscape Stone I will use, When I say gather, I mean go to a certain area on my property where there are blue and black granite stones, this property has a wide variety and color  of natural granite, which we also sell… I am going to use the black or blue granite for this landscape project. I will need to find and dig them up and look for the ones that are flat on one side.

[fancy_images width=”180px” height=”130px”] Landscape Project - Granite Pathway - before [/fancy_images]

Next I will need to create piles of different size rocks I can pull from for this project.
I will arrange them in 6 sizes; 6″ black granite , 6″ blue granite 12″ Black Granite, 12″ Blue Granite, and 24″ Black Granite, 24″ Blue Granite. Once I have my Granite gathered I will determine the areas of the pathway that need to be built up with DG (decompoed Granite) and start creating the pathway foundation.

I recently had 3 loads of DG dumped on my property by a Landscape / Pool Contractor, (yes, legally). I will use this for my foundation. The only thing I will need to purchase will be the treated 2x4s, concrete and a few steel stakes, unless I can get by without these items.

I will be starting this project soon. I will post some pictures as the progress unfolds…. Thanks