Decorate Your Spa or Hot Tub Area with Landscape Boulders

I have had many conversations with friends on the best use of an isolated area for placement of your spa or a hot tub. Boulders are a great way to create an isolated or secluded area in your yard, away from neighborhood views and a very private setting. Granite boulders from 2ft up to 5ft can be stacked or placed as to create not only a peaceful barrier but a beautiful, natural and tranquil setting. You may even decide to go more elaborate and build a waterfall. Landscaping your backyard with boulders will most likely require the help of a professional landscape designer. There are many professional designers to choose from at And if you still have not found a place to purchase your spa or jacuzzi try Cal-West Hot Tub Parts. They do not show it on their website but they do have a wide selection of spas and Jacuzzis.