Decorate Your Spa or Hot Tub Area with Landscape Boulders

I have had many conversations with friends on the best use of an isolated area for placement of your spa or a hot tub. Boulders are a great way to create an isolated or secluded area in your yard, away from neighborhood views and a very private setting. Granite boulders from 2ft up to 5ft can be stacked or placed … Read More

Boulder and Rock Pathway

A NEW Landscape Project to Follow…. I have recently decided to create a new project to enhance the exterior of my backyard; a pathway built using flat granite rock and boulders to accent the pathway. I am going to build this landscape project as inexpensive as possible… hopefully for free. This project needs some planning as all landscaping and backyard … Read More

Landscape Boulders

There are thousands of landscape boulders choose from. You pick out the ones that fit your landscape project. Call today to view available landscape boulders and rocks. We are located in Murrieta, CA By appointment ONLY 951-587-1650